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This website is being made for – the people who irrespective of their achievements in life be it little, feels none less than others.The title “ART OF THINKING” itself signify that if ART is transformed THOUGHTS there comes a HOLISTIC change.

There are many cases where the “DHARM GURU” are giving speeches in
media in which they speak about ALLAH , CHRIST , BUDDHA , RAM , KRISHANA,
GURUNANAK , etc where is they are not among them .days.

They only given speeches about them on the basis of the “HOLY BOOK”
which they read these people have nothing to do with the thoughts of them
about which they gives speeches . Yes it is right, that by this way they become
millionaire but they people still listen to them have got nothing and are still livingthe way they are.

That is why “ART OF THINKING” is required to the people to
know what they are so, we request you to not waste time on all this speeches and
save the time yourself and the Nation.

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